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Masiques norte

The Logroño PBW officially opened its doors in November 2004, after a year of work and procedures in cooperation with the relevant Authorities and clients who backed the project.
The end goal was to design A SERVICE for our clients offering COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT OF THE GREEN COFFEE LOGISTICS PROCESS, covering all of its stages:

  1. Loading, stevedoring and freight from point of origin,
  2. Reception at the Port of Barcelona coffee terminal,
  3. Transportation and intermediate transits to our clients’ facilities,
  4. Storage in bonded warehouse, customs clearance and release to the client.

With this operative design, the Masiques Group has succeeded in turning its PBW into an extension of the Barcelona Green Coffee International Terminal (BIT), pioneering as always in offering our clients a flexible, highly efficient and innovative service which translates into a clear competitive advantage for the user.
Support is also provided at all times during the outlined logistics process:

  1. Administrative management and individual tracking of each consignment;
  2. Processing as required by the Authorities, and on-line support;
  3. Specialised consultation, with proposals for ongoing, sustainable improvement .

The Masiques Norte premises in Logroño have a net storage area of 1100 m2, with an estimated average capacity for 900 metric tons of palleted green coffee.
Masiques Norte
The versatility of the facilities, and the professionalism of the team responsible for the design and management, mean that there has been ongoing development, both in the implementation of control procedures as well as in working methods; this way the facilities are ready to work with Palleted Bags or with Big Bag.
The advantages and benefits that the Masiques Group offers its clients, by means of the PBW, in terms of differential value and competitive edge, are illustrated by the following points:

  1. Reduction of Lead Time Logistics
  2. Immediate availability at times of peak demand
  3. Optimisation of operational costs
  4. Shared synergies in administration tasks
  5. Freeing up of warehouse space for own activities
  6. Greater control over operations. Improvement of perceived quality ratios
  7. Opportunity to access the complementary services on offer
  8. Ability to realise potential for growth


Masiques Group companies has concentrate its Business in the whole Supply Chain:

  • Custom Agent and Logistics
  • Ship’s Agent
  • National Transport
  • Coffee and Cocoa Terminal
  • Business Management