Automociones Portuarias S.L.

Automociones Portuarias S.L., with its head office in Barcelona, is the national transportation company within the Masiques Group.
Its mission is to answer the logistical needs arising from the Group’s logistics operations by means of a specialised, distinct and flexible service, fundamentally orientated to our clients’ needs.
Comprised of a team of highly professional individuals who are skilled in logistics transportation services, its clear objective is nationwide road freight transportation. This service is provided both by means of our own vehicles, through independent carriers or via the services of other, external fleets in order to be able to offer greater coverage within the Peninsular.
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Automociones Portuarias S.L. is a member of:

Operador logístico de café y cacao

The Group maintains a close relationship with the community of Coffee (Brokers, Traders, Roasters...) which has resulted in the Group's leadership for this important traffic:

  • Barcelona International Terminal
  • Masiques Norte
  • Customs Logistics