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Features of BIT


  • Joint-venture between ‘S.G.S. Española de Control, S.A.’ and the Masiques Group
  • Free Trade Zone Warehouse for Coffee, Cocoa and other Commodities
  • Total Surface Area: 33,000 m2
  • Storage Area: 30,000 m2
  • Storage Capacity: 500,000 Bags/30,000 Metric Tons


  • Storage in Bonded conditions
  • Handling: Reception and Delivery of Coffee in Bags, Big-Bags or Bulk
  • Sampling and Reconditioning
  • Weighing: Electronic Scales Certified and Operated by SGS Inspectors
  • National and International Distribution
  • LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange) Certified Warehouse for Robusta Coffee
  • ICE (International Commodities Exchange) Certified Warehouse for Arabica Coffee

Bulk facilites

  • 7 Bulk Silos (Capacity approx. 24,000 kg)
    • 1 Blending Silo
    • 1 Bag Filling Pipe
    • 3 Big Bag Filling Pipes
    • 2 Bulk Pipes for Silo Trucks
    • 2 independent Hoppers for Reception of Bulk Coffe
      • 1 specialised Hopper for Reception of Containers (Capacity 23 Metric Tons)
      • 1 specialised Hopper for Crash Bags Process
    • 2 Filter Systems for Dust Cleaning

Masiques Group companies has concentrate its Business in the whole Supply Chain:

  • Custom Agent and Logistics
  • Ship’s Agent
  • National Transport
  • Coffee and Cocoa Terminal
  • Business Management