Masiques Valencia y Sagunto

Established in Valencia and Sagunto since June 2003.

  • Customs Agents:
    • Import/Export Declarations
    • Management of domestic and inter-E.U transits
  • Shipping:
    • Cereals, Fertilizers, Oils and Seeds
    • Minerals, Chemicals and Flours
  • Specialised Chemicals Agents
    • Urea and Phosphoric Acid
  • Specialists in Maritime Grain Terminal operations
  • Grain (all types)
  • Soya Beans/Meal


Operador logístico de café y cacao

The Group maintains a close relationship with the community of Coffee (Brokers, Traders, Roasters...) which has resulted in the Group's leadership for this important traffic:

  • Barcelona International Terminal
  • Masiques Norte
  • Customs Logistics