The secret to the success of the Masiques Group lies in the involvement of several generations

Barcelona, 3-6-2008. According to the chairman of the well-known Masiques Group “The success of the company has basically been down to the involvement of several generations.”
José Miguel Masiques Furné tells us that since 1890 they have faced all kinds of ups and downs in the sector, particularly in economic terms. One of their main strengths lies in adapting to the needs of the market throughout their 120 year history. For example, “In the beginning we were ship owners because that was what the market required, dedicated to coastal shipping, now known as short sea shipping, and at the same time we went into the business of stevedoring and shipping agent.”

They have not forgotten, however, the important task of the customs agent, which has changed over the years.

Two and a half years ago, José Miguel Masiques Jardí joined the group of companies, whose executive chair is still held by his father, José Miguel Masiques Furné. Since then a fourth generation has taken the reigns of a family business which covers all areas of the supply chain: chartering department, shipping agents, port stevedores and customs and forwarding agents, among others. 

Areas of specialisation
According to Masiques Jardí “Many companies started out as family businesses and as they progressed they placed more trust in professionals from outside the family. At Masiques the family has always had a great influence on the running of the company. However, my father has also known how to surround himself with good executives. When I joined the company, two and a half years ago, it was not a premeditated decision; the proposition appealed to me and I accepted. These days we should not make the mistake of thinking that someone has the skills to lead the company simply because they belong to the family which founded it.”
Meanwhile, he highlights what he calls specialisations which “Consist of working with very specific commodities or goods, such as the coffee sector, through our active involvement as partners in the BIT, which is one of the most important terminals in Europe. Or the specialisation in bulks and everything this entails for a shipping agent's work in Barcelona and Valencia. In short, we look for the market niche best suited to the company.”
There is also the figure of Authorised Economic Operator who has been full-time with Masiques since the beginning of April. “In fact,” says Masiques Furné, “we already have teams working on the application and processing of the Security and Safety Certificate (AEOS) and of the Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety Certificate (AEOF).”
Source: Marítimas

Operador logístico de café y cacao

The Group maintains a close relationship with the community of Coffee (Brokers, Traders, Roasters...) which has resulted in the Group's leadership for this important traffic:

  • Barcelona International Terminal
  • Masiques Norte
  • Customs Logistics