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The most important Roasters on the national scene have also placed their faith in the Masiques Group, with whom they have developed services targeted to each of them.
The Masiques Norte Warehouse, and the entire value chain stemming from it, is just one example, as valid as other initiatives and services offered in complete coordination with the various factories which receive the Green Coffee supply.
Just in Time supply, direct from the Port or from our BIT Warehouse, (meeting requirements by means of pre-arranged time slots) to some of the most important Factories in Spain, is the reality of our service, as well as the handling and delivery of coffee in any of the possible containers (Bags, Big Bags or Bulk).

Masiques Group companies has concentrate its Business in the whole Supply Chain:

  • Custom Agent and Logistics
  • Ship’s Agent
  • National Transport
  • Coffee and Cocoa Terminal
  • Business Management